Dale Snodgrass, one of the worlds most accomplished pilots perished in the crash of his single engine aircraft.

Those of us who knew him and flew with him knew ‘Snort” as a magnificent leader, selfless teacher, and fearless pilot.

His accomplishments as a Naval Aviator are legend. He could make an F-14 talk.

I had the privilege of flying with Snort in the CAT Flight for eleven years.

He knew more about war fighting from the air than anyone I ever knew.

He was revered amongst all of us who had the opportunity to fly with him and learn from him.

This accident, of all of them, has impacted me the worst. Dale Snodgrass did not belong among the dead from airplane crashes.

For every man and woman there is that time when no time is expected to follow. Snort was so large, so capable, so magical, such a moment was just never expected.

This is the third of the CAT Flight members who have died and while each passing has been painful this one is so unexpected, so inexplicable, the pain is real but different.

To his lovely family, and the legacy that I hope comforts them, my sincerest condolences and the wish of all CAT Flight brethren that they are able to soon cope with the magnitude of this loss.

Arthur Alan Wolk



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