Boeing 737 software upgrade flight tests are bogus

Boeing 737 software upgrade flight tests are bogus. The FAA and Boeing are running around trying to put the world-wide firestorm about the Boeing 737 Max certification and the two unnecessary crashes of the Max models overseas killing 346 people.

Boeing claims to have developed a software fix that will solve the Max’ uncontrollable pitch down tendencies from a MCAS system that was necessitated due to its uncontrollable and uncertifiable pitch up tendencies. The only problem is that the test airplane for this miracle solution is a Boeing 737 Max 8 at all but a 737-7 which is not equipped with the 737 Max 8’s Leap engines which size and more forward position is the claimed reason for the pitch up tendencies in the first place.

So Boeing and the FAA Are testing a fix on an airplane that doesn’t have the problem rather than one of those Max 8’s that have been built and are not delivered.

No fools, these pilots, they are doing these tests at an altitude three times higher than that when the troubles for the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines began.

So same old same old. The FAA is incompetent, Boeing is still leading it around by the nose and the testing that should be done, on a real Max 8 hasn’t happened.

Arthur Alan Wolk, Esq.

April 3, 2019


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