Lawyers of The Wolk Law Firm are called upon by the media

The lawyers of The Wolk Law Firm are frequently called upon by the media because of their expertise in aviation. Here are some of those interviews.


Arthur Wolk responds to cash offers to Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 passengers.


Arthur Wolk explains what happened on Southwest Flight 1380.

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Arthur Wolk Discusses
the tragedy on Southwest Flight 1380.

Arthur Wolk Interviewed by
Larry King on 9/11

CBS3 Investigation reveals hot spots at Philadelphia International Airport

Vintage Airshows from
the 1950's and 60's

Arthur Wolk discusses the Asiana Air Crash on BBC TV

TWA Flight 800 Crash: Animation Illustrating What Happened and Why

Arthur Wolk Televised Argument before Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Continental Flight 3161 Emergency Landing Houston Live Coverage

Arthur Wolk's Interview with Joe Hunter on Perspective

Arthur Wolk on the USAIR 427 Crash

Northwest Pilots Sleeping

FAA Computer Glitch

American Eagle Crash

Air France 447 Interview

Arthur Wolk on MSNBC AA Flight 331