Our Approach To Aviation Litigation

aviation litigation conference room

Aviation Litigation Involves Developing A Compelling Theory And Supporting With Hard Evidence.

The Wolk Law Firm’s approach to aviation litigation typically involves developing a compelling theory of probable cause and then supporting that theory with hard evidence before a jury.

It is this evidence that will convince a jury that the plaintiff should recover.

This evidence includes, but is not limited to:

  • conducting tests of actual components
  • performing wind tunnel and flight tests on aircraft
  • creating mock-ups, computer animations, and graphic displays

Preventing Future Aviation Accidents From Occurring.

The Wolk Law Firm pledges to not only criticize bad design, but to offer recommendations for improvement, in hopes of preventing future accidents from occurring.

Below are a few examples of exemplars and animations that The Wolk Law Firm has brought to trial:

Engine Carburetor Operation
& Malfunction Animation

RSA Fuel Injector Servo
& Malfunction Animation

Piper PA-44 Fuselage
at Philadelphia Courthouse

PT6-A Engine

Cessna Seat Slip

Cirrus SR22 Aircraft
at San Diego Courthouse