Lallo – A Win For The Wolk Law Firm

Lallo – A Win For The Wolk Law Firm. The Wolk Law Firm is honored to announce it has prevailed in the case of Lallo v. Continental Motors, Inc. A Philadelphia jury awarded 9 million dollars for the deaths of Mr. and Mrs. John Lallo in the crash of their Mooney M20J aircraft.

We proved that the cause of the crash was a defectively designed and built single drive dual magneto that failed causing the Lallo aircraft’s engine to go out of time and lose power.

With delay damages and costs the verdict will ultimately be at least 11 million.

This case was tried for seven weeks this time and 3 ½ months in 2018.

The Wolk Law Firm’s entire staff, lawyers, support staff and consultants all worked day and night to achieve this just result for the four surviving adult Lallo children.

A special thanks to attorneys Cynthia Devers and Mike Miska who spearheaded the effort while they were supported by Cheryl Delisle, Stacy Charles, Victoria Power, Lisa Turowski, Victoria Greco, Ruth McMahon, and Angela Pontano.

What is special about our firm? We never give up, we are never intimidated, we are never overpowered and we are dedicated to our clients’ causes.

Well Done!

Arthur Alan Wolk, Esq.


About Airlaw

For more than 50 years, The Wolk Law Firm has concentrated its practice in the area of aviation law, with Arthur personally generating verdicts and settlements of more than a billion dollars during the last decade alone. He is known for obtaining and on appeal, holding, the largest verdicts for each type of air accident claim in recent aviation history.

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