Verdicts and Settlements

The Wolk Law Firm has won more than a billion dollars in verdicts and settlements.

While most settlement amounts are required as a condition of resolution to be kept confidential, the facts and amounts received from cases successfully resolved without caption identification and the amounts of verdicts are not.

The Wolk Law Firm’s tradition of excellence dates back to the early 1970s when its founder Arthur Alan Wolk started his flying career and his legal specialization in the field of air crash litigation. Hundreds of successful settlements and trials later, generating over a billion dollars in verdicts and settlements in courtrooms all over America, the tradition of excellence continues to this day.

Airlaw Attorney Arthur Alan WolkArthur Alan Wolk, the founder of The Wolk Law Firm, has a simple credo. “We will work harder than anyone, spend whatever it takes, and prove our cases for the benefit of our clients ethically and honestly. We will not be intimidated by anyone and will never allow multi-billion dollar corporations to deter our work.”

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Verdicts and Settlements

$9,000,000 Verdict – Lallo vs. Continental Motors, Inc. – (Philadelphia, PA) A Philadelphia jury recently awarded 9 million dollars for the deaths of Mr. and Mrs. John Lallo in the crash of their Mooney M20J aircraft. The Wolk Law Firm proved that the cause of the crash was the failure of a defectively designed and built single-drive dual magneto, causing the Lallo aircraft’s engine to go out of time and lose power.

$4,250,000 Settlement – A pilot was killed due to a crash of a single-engine aircraft when the Primary Flying Display (PFD) failed, leaving him without effective instruments for safe flight into non-visual weather conditions.

$4,648,000 Settlement – A very old, 10,000-hour single-engine aircraft disintegrated in flight, killing a young couple after it suffered a flutter induced failure of its tail. Severe turbulence was reported nearby. The General Aviation Revitalization Act statute of repose applied to this aircraft, which would have precluded any recovery. The NTSB concluded that turbulence brought the aircraft down in spite of over 100 similar in-flight break-ups of this model. The couple was survived by two small children.

$9,000,000 Settlement – A well-trained pilot in a new aircraft was killed due to an in-flight break-up of a turboprop single-engine aircraft in convective weather conditions. The breakup sequence appeared that flutter or overload caused a tail failure then the wings. No thunderstorms were present. The NTSB erroneously concluded that the accident was caused by pilot error and did not conduct a serious investigation into the real cause of this accident, including other in-flight break-ups of this model. The pilot was survived by a wife and a small child.

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