NASA Wasting Millions Studying Aircraft Contrails as a Source of Global Warming

Arthur Alan Wolk Responds in no Uncertain Terms

Contrails are water vapor, H20. Water is clean, does no harm to anything, replenishes some of that which evaporates, serves to help offset some of its loss due to deforestation and is of no consequence to the alleged man-made climate change.

To suggest for even an instant that a contrail which lasts a few minutes and is merely a wisp of see through ice crystals does harm to the earth’s radiation characteristics to the detriment of those who live on it demonstrates that no pilot who has seen it, flown through it and lived in the environment of contrails was on this study. Only Governments could waste money like this when this very publication shows almost daily the dire need in the West for an accurate, reliable and effective missile defense for which we have too little money.

I am astonished that Aviation Week would not challenge the study, its cost and its totally bizarre conclusions. The only way contrails are reduced is to fly in a warmer dryer atmosphere. That means typically flying lower where fuel consumption is enormous. Even if the scientific assumptions of the study were true which they are not, how could anyone let alone a supposed scientist see the equivalency of a few clean water ice crystals in the sky to the waste of fuel whether sustainable or not. Good lord. We’ve gone daft!

Arthur Alan Wolk